North Mankato, Minnesota

2023 Comprehensive Plan Update

2023 Comprehensive Plan Update

City of North Mankato invites the public to participate in 2023 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of North Mankato is inviting the public to participate in the 2023 North Mankato Comprehensive Plan Update process. Through this process, the City is reviewing existing trends, developing a community vision, and identifying goals for:
• Land Use & Growth Management
• Housing
Economic Development
• Transportation
• Utilities
• Parks, Trails, and Recreation
• Business Districts
• Community Design

Goals, objectives, and policies identified through the Comprehensive Plan Update will guide City decision-making over the next 10 years. It’s important that community members provide input in this process. City staff will use themes identified through this outreach to update the document and refine the vision for future growth and development in the community. Once revised, the document will be mad available for public review and final comment, after which it will be presented to the City Council for adoption.

The public is invited to provide feedback through our Virtual Open House, which is now available at the link below. The Virtual Open House will be active through June 9th, 2023.

Visit the Virtual Open House Here

Questions may be directed to City Planner Matt Lassonde at or 507-514-6456.