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Wildlife Management Plan

Wildlife Management Plan

Project Information

Plan Process and Schedule

The City is in the beginning stages of a wildlife management plan aimed to provide a framework for effective wildlife management in North Mankato. This plan will not only guide City actions related to wildlife management but fulfills a requirement from the MN Department of Natural Resources when applying for special permits. Status updates on this process and opportunities for public engagement will be provided on this page moving forward. Please stay tuned. 
Please Note: The proposed schedule is subject to change as the City goes through the plan approval process with the MNDNR. The following schedule will be updated as new information is received.

Wildlife Management Plan Schedule (subject to change)
White-Tailed Deer Analysis
North Mankato has coordinated with the MN Department of Natural Resources to analyze the City's urban white-tailed deer population. The process identified several issues related to an over-population of deer over-grazing public and private property. In response, the City is considering the following actions:

  1. Performing a citizen survey to understand citizen perceptions of deer related issues in the community.
  2. Completing a Wildlife Management Plan as a framework for managing deer and other wildlife to mitigate property impacts.
  3. Providing information on effective, non-lethal methods for deer managment via this webpage. 
  4. Coordinating appropriate methods for culling the deer population when necessary. 
  5. Monitoring deer activity moving forward.

Visit this page in the future for status updates. Alternatively, report a deer issue on your property, or to learn about methods to deter deer on your property, visit the wildlife resources page using the button below.

***Please Note*** The Wildlife Management Plan process is underway. City action will not be taken to manage the deer population until the plan is completed and management criteria are defined. Staff is currently working with the MN Dept. of Natural Resources to identify appropriate wildlife management actions.   

Access Wildlife Resources Page
Citizen Wildlife Survey

North Mankato invites you to provide your input on interactions with wildlife through the survey accessed at the link below. This survey was an action approved by the City Council in September of 2023 as a next step in a wildlife management planning initiative. Input received through the survey will help the City develop a Wildlife Management Plan that identifies the extent of wildlife impacts on the community, and determines actions the City might consider taking to mitigate those impacts.

The survey will be open until February 9, 2024 at 4:00pm.

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