North Mankato, Minnesota

2016 Sales Tax Extension

2016 Sales Tax Extension

Referendum Information & FAQ


Sales Tax Legislation approved by the Legislature in 2008.

Completed Projects

T.H. CSAH 41

  • Local share of the trunk highway 14/County State Aid Highway 41 interchange project.
Regional Parks

  • Development of regional parks and hiking and biking trails. Acquired and completed first phase improvements to Benson Park.
  • Thompson Pier.
  • Caswell North Soccer Fields and concession stand.
Library Expansion

  • North Mankato Taylor Library.
Riverfront Redevelopment

  • Downtown Grants/Loans
  • Parking Lot
  • Parking Lights
  • Wall Street Extension
  • Marigold & Downtown Plan
Lake Improvements

  • Dredged Spring Lake

Projects Amount
T.H. CSAH 41-Principal 788,000
Regional Parks  2,582,000
Library Expansion 970,000
Riverfront Redevelopment 1,400,000
Lake Improvements 260,000
Total 6,000,000

Projects were completed to the extent that projects presented to the citizens were acted on. Primary differences in what was envisioned at the time the Sales Tax was enacted include a decision to pursue grant funding for portions of Benson Park in exchange for completeing the Caswell North Soccer Fields. In addition, money was diverted from debt payments for the Highway 14/41 Interchange for additional investment in Riverfront Development. The most recent decisions to divert this funding was based on sound financial forecasting.

As a result, the diversion of these funds will not increase property tax levies, but it will increase the amount of property taxes used to pay for the interchange that was originally envisioned. This is important to the discussion of the Sales Tax Extension because the primary purposes of the sales tax are to increase the quality of life for residents of the community and region using revenue sources otherwise unavailable to the City, as well as to avoid using local property taxes to fund these improvments.