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City of North Mankato Water Department

The Water Department provides over 500,000,000 gallons of safe and reliable drinking water to residents and businesses in North Mankato. The Department samples and tests the water daily to ensure that all residuals are compliant.

The Water Department produces an annual Consumer Confidence Report (see bottom of page) that includes detailed information about the city's water quality. Water provided by the City of North Mankato consistently meets or exceeds established water quality standards.

Source & Supply

Water within North Mankato city limits is supplied from a groundwater source via five wells that range in depth from 681 to 860 feet. Water is drawn from the Mt. Simon aquifer.

There are over 406,000 feet of water main and 1,488 valves in North Mankato.

The Water Department maintains 647 Fire Hydrants. Maintenance includes flushing all hydrants twice a year, which flushes the water main and enables them to check that the hydrant is working properly.

The department is also responsible for locating water and sewer services and the daily operation of the storm and sanitary stations.

Wellhead Protection Program

2022 Consumer Confidence Report
2021 Consumer Confidence Report
2020 Consumer Confidence Report
2019 Consumer Confidence Report
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2017 Consumer Confidence Report
North Mankato Wellhead Protection Plan Brochure

Contact Us:
Duane Rader
Water Superintendent
Phone: (507) 625-3382

Rudy Kleist
Water Foreman
Phone: (507) 625-3382


Water Conservation
Wellhead Protection Plan
Wellhead Protection Plan Brochure

Class V Wells 

Well Maintenance

Septic System Maintenance

MPCA - How's the Water?

Water Pollution: How Humans Impact the Water Cycle

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation
City Water Conservation

Water conservation is an important topic for all residents and businesses. The two main areas of water conservation that concern the city are protecting our natural resources and passing on monetary savings to the consumer.

The city is actively doing its part to protect the leading water supply for future citizens of North Mankato with the Wellhead Protection Committee. The committee considers ways to protect ground water, researches potential contaminant sources and provides information to the public about protecting our valuable water resources.

Some resources related to potential drought conditions in Minnesota:


Wellhead Protection Plan

Wellhead Protection Plan
North Mankato Wellhead Protection Plan Brochure

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Minnesota River, Mankato Watershed

The Minnesota River-Mankato watershed is composed of several small first and second order streams that drain directly into the mInnesota River. Land use in the Minnesota River-Mankato watershed is dominated by row crop agriculture, with corn and soybean production accounting for the about 90% of cropped lands.

County Soil and Water Conservation Districts have identified the primary resource concerns to be sediment and erosion control, stormwater managment, drinking water and source water proection, drainage management, waste management, nutrient management, surface water quality and wetland management.

What's Being Done