North Mankato, Minnesota

Automatic Utility Payment

Automatic Utility Payment

The City of North Mankato’s automatic utility payment option will allow your financial institution to automatically transfer the amount from your bank account every month for your North Mankato utility bill. The amount due will be transferred from your Bank account on the due date specified on the bill or if the due date is on a holiday, the amount will be transferred on the next business day. You will still receive a monthly utility bill and you will still need to provide meter readings timely each month by the billing due date. (Note: readings not received each month are subject to a late fee separate from a late fee for late payment)

Meter readings can be sent to the City by any of these options: 1. Drop Box at City Hall or Commerce Dr. (blvd. next to New 2 You parking lot.) 2. Mail 3. City Web Page (

If you are planning to go on vacation, notify the City in advance so your water meter readings can be estimated and garbage charges removed while you are away. If you close or move your account with your financial institution, please notify the City right away. If the City is not notified, you will be responsible for any applicable late fees or NSF charges.

You may withdraw from this plan anytime by notifying the City of North Mankato in writing. (The City of North Mankato reserves the right to cancel use of this Automatic Pay Plan at anytime.) If you have any questions about your bill, just call the City of North Mankato Utility Billing Department at 625-4141.

Automatic Payment Authorization Form