North Mankato, Minnesota

Utilities Billing

Utilities Billing

Utility bills are mailed before the last working day of each month for water, sewer, garbage and recycling. Payment is due on or before the due date specified on the bill. You will have the full day of the due day to get your bill payment to our office or in the drop box. Delinquent payments and meter readings will be subject to penalties.

  • Monthly utility payments are due on or before the 10th of each month.
  • Delinquent accounts are charged a 10% penalty.
  • Consumers are required to read their water meter monthly.
  • $3.00 charge for late readings (later than 10th of the month).
  • Consumer must supply final meter reading.
  • $20.00 service charge for turning water on or off (per trip).
  • Failure to read meter for three consecutive months-will result in a $20.00 charge added to the account.
Current Rates
Water Rates - Rate Class & Meter Size
Monthly Cost of Service Fee Cost per 1,000 gal
Residential (5/8'-11/4") $8.00 $3.43
Residential & Commercial 11/2"-3" $41.26 $3.43
Commercial 5/8"-11/4" $8.00 $3.43
Commercial 4"-6" $41.26 $3.43
Residential and Commercial Outside Meters $0.00 $4.35
Rural Water (5/8'-11/4") $13.00 $4.43
Rural 1 1/2"-3" $46.26 $6.12
Multiple Dwelling Unit Rate per Unit $5.00 n/a

Sewer Rates Minimum Bill Cost Per 1,000 Gallons
0 Gal. to 2,250 Gal.
$18.50-effective 1/1/23  
2,251 Gal. and over cost per 1,000   $6.35
Rural-0 Gal. to 2,250 Gal $18.50-effective 1/1/23  
Rural-2,251 Gal. and over cost per 1,000   $7.45

  • Excessive strength sewage is billed a surcharge
Water & Sewer Charges

  • All customers are sent a utility bill and charged for water according to their usage. In order for water usage to be calculated and charged, water meter readings are needed. The City of North Mankato does not provide meter readers. It is the responsibility of the customer to send in accurate meter readings. Do not estimate or round numbers, enter the actual reading.
  • All customers pay a sewer charge based on actual water consumption, plus a surcharge for any excessive strength sewage. Installation of a second water meter for outdoor use is permitted. Water that is metered through a second meter will be based on actual consumption and will not be subject to a sewer charge.
A 10% penalty will be charged to the account when a payment is not received by the due date. When a meter reading is not received by the due date the account will be charged a $3 penalty. Three (3) consecutive months of no readings will result in an additional $20 charge.

Shut Off
All customers will be subject to their services being shut off for non-payment and/or failure to report monthly meter readings.
Fire Connection Fees
6" or smaller $10.30
8"  $18.90
10" $34.70
12" $53.55
16" or larger $118.10

Storm Water Surcharge Monthly Charge
Single Family Residential $4.75
All Other (Based on Lot Size)0-10,000 Sq. Ft.
10,001 Sq. Ft. or more $0.76 per 1,000 S

State and City Sales Tax
State Sales Tax 6.875%
City Sales Tax 0.50%

Refuse & Recycling Rates

Refuse Monthly Recycling Monthly
35 Gallon $10.00 $8.00
65 Gallon $15.00 $8.00
95 Gallon $20.00 $8.00
Senior Discount (age 65 and older) $1.25 None
Solid Waste Management (State Mandated) 9.75%  
Extra Bag Tag $3.50  

Garbage & Recycling Information

Each dwelling unit is billed for garbage and recycling. The City provides each household with a wheeled, lidded garbage cart and a recycle cart. Recycle carts have a yellow lid. Set out your garbage and recycle carts the night before your pickup day or before 4:00 a.m.. the day of pickup. Bags of garbage that do not fit in the provided cart must have a Bag Tag attached and visible. Bag Tags can be purchased at City Hall. Carts must be placed 3 feet from any obstacle including the other cart.

Valet service is available for a monthly charge of $9.00 per cart. Carts must be outside and visible. The collection agency will pull the carts to the street, empty and return. To sign up please call City Hall at 625-4141.

For a complete list of accepted recycle items see:

View Recycling and Garbage Information

Payment Information

Automatic Bank Payment is available. Authorization forms can be found online at and at City Hall. Once signed up, your payment will be withdrawn from your account on the due date. Credit Card Payment is available. Convenience fees apply.

You will need to submit meter readings each month and you can do so through the City of North Mankato web page or by mail or drop off at the North Mankato City Hall located at 1001 Belgrade Avenue.  There is a drop-off box outside of City Hall.